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80" Pepper Vented Container

Get all the benefits of pre-strapped bulk bins.

Bulk Bin for Peppers

Ultimate Pepper Protection

Used for peppers of all variety, the peper vented container is vented for air circulation, pre-strapped for rigidity and performance, and is highly moisture resistant due to wax-impregnation on the inside of the bin. An 8’’ deep, self-locking bottom cap provides for easy assembly. Depending specific needs, product can be manufactured with 72’’ depth as well.

Increase your bin payload and decrease your packaging cost per pound. Our pre-strapped bins give you all these benefits and more. Due to the placement of our heat sealed pre-stretched straps, our bins reduce bulge and eliminates any potential rupture at the glue joint.

Con Pac South’s pre-strapped bins offer many additional advantages. Reduce your in-plant labor cost by eliminating the need to prep the bin.

Pre-strapped Bulk Bin Advantages:

  • Pre strapped with 5-6 700 lb. tensile strength 
    pre-stretched straps to provide added bin 
    stability on the pallet.
  • All straps are heat sealed.
  • Reduces in-plant labor costs by eliminating
    the need to strap.
  • Unique bottom design eliminates extra edges 
    that can compromise liner bags.
  • Easy assembly.
  • 100% recyclable.

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